Blogger Interview

I interviewed Sunny Murthy, a blog writer for First, I asked him what motivated him to start a blog and how he decided the topic of his blog. He said that his motivation came from seeing others do it. He wanted to give the fashion world a twist by giving everyone a view of male students’ fashion from the perspective of male students.

He said that he personally enjoys fashion, so he naturally thought “Why not take pictures and write about my fashion choices?” I asked him how often he likes to post and if he ever re-blogs or has other people post for him. He said he shares the blog with one of his friends and they both write together. He said they either do a shoot when they want or when a brand asks them to, but there is no particular pattern. He said their latest blog post picked apart different parts of an outfit and gave examples of what and what not to do.

The next thing I asked him was whether or not he researched how to promote and tag his blog and what his methods are. He said that they did research on what was the best site to create their blog, and they decided to use wordpress. He says that they pretty much tag everything that they can think of. He said the goals for the blog are to help influence fashion from a student’s perspective and maybe even incorporate more aspects of student’s life.

He hopes to monetize his blog, ideally through brands sponsoring them or through ads on the blog. For them, money is not an initial concern because they do it for fun and as a hobby, and just enjoy writing and taking photos about what they love. I asked him if he uses social media at all, and he said that Well Dressed Student started out on instagram. At first, they would just post pictures of outfits and detail what was being worn, but they wanted to expand and create their own blog. Their blog links to instagram, but that is the only social media tool they use right now. Soon they hope to incorporate Twitter.

What I concluded from this interview is that it is extremely important to love what you do. If you are passionate about fashion, music, photography, sports, or whatever it is, find a way to do what you love and share it with the world. No one needs to end up doing something they hate just to earn money. The Lord gave us passions and talents for a reason, and the ideal thing is to figure out how to monetize doing what you love.

Sunny’s blog right now is purely his hobby and isn’t being used to make money, but he is on his way to being able to do that. I love the ability blogs give people to go after their dreams. It was great talking with Sunny and I loved hearing his perspective and writing techniques.

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